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Azure troubleshooting

Azure troubleshooting

Common issues while configuring Microsoft Azure cloud.

I created a Service Principal but could not discover any subscriptions

  • Make sure that you have used the correct Tenant/Client IDs and access key
    • Save the secret key when you create it on the Azure portal
  • Make sure that the secret key is still valid
  • Make sure that you have granted proper access to the service principal for the subscriptions you want this SP to manage. Contributor role is recommended.

I just ran a Discovery on one of my subscriptions, but no resources or only part of a resource was discovered

  • Ensure that the Service Principal has proper permissions as described in the first section
  • Check the Discovery log and ECC queue for errors (under Discovery status)

I ordered a new VM/Resource Group, but it is not on/ready

  • The request might be going through the manual approval process.
  • Most requests need additional mandatory information to be set before provisioning can occur. If the provisioning rule does not set all necessary information, the system generates a catalog task for the cloud operator to complete the request.
  • Provisioning can fail on the Azure platform. In this case, the system generates a task that the cloud operator must resolve.
    • Look for information in the task or go to the workflow context to look for clues. Sometimes Azure provisioning succeeds but the task timed out waiting for the VM/resource group to come up. An operator can make sure they are up on Azure portal and close the task to re-try Discovery.

I requested an action (like Start, Stop, or Modify) on a VM, but nothing happens

  • Some VMs are under change control. If the request meets a change condition defined by the cloud admin, then the request must be approved before the action can occur.
  • After the change request is approved, you may need to reload the VM form to see the Proceed with change action.
  • It is possible that the request failed on the Azure platform. In such a case, the system generates a CI task for the cloud operator to resolve the issue.