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Cloud administrator responsibilities

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Cloud administrator responsibilities

Cloud administrators have two primary responsibilities; configure the Cloud Management service, and monitor and manage the services.

Cloud administrators are members of the Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group. Perform the following tasks to prepare the Cloud Management service:

  • Install and configure the Cloud Management application for the provider (for example, AWS, Azure, or VMware)
  • Set properties for Cloud Management
  • Run Discovery on the cloud resources
  • Obtain templates and approve some templates to be used to create catalog items
  • Define catalog items for both VMs and more complex offerings
  • Configure default lease settings
  • Set pricing for the catalog items
  • Define and activate provisioning rules
  • Define and activate tagging rules
  • Define change control parameters for cloud resources
  • Customize the user experience: Provisioning rules and UI policies
  • Define the schedule for downloading billing data

Typical day-to-day tasks of a cloud administrator:

  • Approve change requests associated with modifications to cloud resource
  • View pending approvals for cloud resources
  • View and analyze summary data on cloud resource deployments
  • Monitor requests and key metrics for cloud resources

The Virtual Provisioning Cloud Administrators group has or inherits these roles:

  • itil
  • cloud_admin
  • cloud_operator
  • cloud_user