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Configure the NoEcho parameter

Configure the NoEcho parameter

A parameter value with NoEcho set to true is masked from the requester and is not visible while ordering the catalog item. If the NoEcho parameter is set to false or is removed from the template, then the actual plain text value of the parameter is shown.

Before you begin

Role required: cloud_admin or admin

About this task

If the parameter has NoEcho set to true and a change is requested, then the change definition form has an empty parameter field to signify that the previous value is masked and the actual value cannot be verified. If it is set to false, the text value of the parameter is shown in the change definition form.

Note: While a CloudFormation stack is performing an update request, the NoEcho field for a parameter can only be modified through the template definition.


Define the NoEcho parameter by setting NoEcho to true in a stack template parameter definition..
NoEcho parameter