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Generate a Resource Optimization report

Generate a Resource Optimization report

Resource Optimization reports list metrics that help you identify discovered resources that are underutilized. AWS and Azure cloud resources can be accessed from the My <Provider> Assets and My Team's <Provider> Assets portals. VMware cloud resources are shown in the My Virtual Assets and My Team's Virtual Assets portals along with the other two provider VMs.

Before you begin

Role required:
  • Users with the cloud_admin role can configure, execute, and view reports.
  • Users with the cloud_operator or cloud_user role can view reports.

About this task

You can view resource optimization reports on:

  • Cloud Admin Portal
  • My <Provider> Assets
  • My Team's <Provider> Assets
Note: The dashboards show only current records. To view older data, modify the report to show a previously executed report.


  1. For your provider; Amazon AWS Cloud, Microsoft Azure Cloud, or VMware Cloud, navigate to Administration > Resource Optimization Rules.
  2. Click the Generate Report related link.

    Data is shown for all cloud providers. If data from a single provider is desired, you must turn off Resource Optimization rules for the other providers.


The system performs the calculations and generates the latest reports. The reports are saved in the Resource Optimization Report table with the last executed report time. After a report is generated, the system marks the latest rows with Current=true and updates all prior records to Current=false.