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Create stories

Create stories

Create two types of stories: those associated with a project and one-off stories, which are not associated to either a product or a project.

About this task

The Stories list displays current active stories. Create a new story from this list or view the Story form for a current story. Add scrum tasks from the Story form and view story and task progress boards.

Stories can be associated to projects but this is not mandatory. One-off stories can be created without a link to a product or a project; these stories are created with only a short description and can then be assigned to a project or a group.

Note: While creating a story, if a project has only one phase then the story will automatically get tagged to the only phase.


  1. Navigate to Project > Agile > Stories.

  2. Click New.

  3. Fill in the fields on the Story form (see table).

  4. Click Submit.

    Table 1. Story form
    NumberThe automatically assigned story number. For example, STRY0010013.
    ProjectThe associated project for this story.
    Project phaseThe name of the Agile phase, if the story is associated with a phase in the project workbench.
    GroupThe development group assigned to this story.
    SprintThe sprint assignment for this story.
    PointsThe number of points assigned to this story.
    PriorityThe priority assigned to the story:
    • 1 - Critical
    • 2 - High
    • 3 - Moderate
    • 4 - Low
    TypeThe type of story:
    • Development
    • Documentation
    • Spike
    StateThe current state of the story:
    • Draft
    • Estimation
    • Ready
    • Work in progress
    • Awaiting info
    • Ready for testing
    • Testing
    • Complete
    • Cancelled
    • Testing failed
    Assigned toThe development group member assigned to this story.
    BlockedAn indicator that shows if the story is blocked and cannot move forward.
    Short descriptionA brief description of the story.
    Acceptance criteriaThe criteria that the story must meet in order to be considered complete.
    DescriptionA more detailed description of the story.
    Work notesAny additional notes or information to be saved with the story.
    Related Links
    Add Scrum TasksAllows the user to add multiple scrum tasks to the story from the Add Scrum Tasks dialog box. Select the number of tasks to add for each task type: Analysis, Coding, Documentation, and Testing. Then click OK. The tasks are added to the Scrum Tasks related list.
    Story Progress BoardDisplays a progress board with all of the stories in a sprint.
    Task Progress BoardDisplays a progress board with all of the tasks in a sprint.

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