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Create a parent-child relationship on the planning console

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Create a parent-child relationship on the planning console

You can create a parent-child relationship from the planning console.

About this task

The WBS section of the planning console allows you to create parent-child relationships for new tasks or move around existing tasks in a new parent-child relationship. The position of a task in the hierarchy and the level it is indented determine the parent-child relationship it has with the tasks above or below it.

In this example, the System Readiness Assessment task is a child of the Planning task because it is one level below the Planning task and is indented.

Figure 1. An example parent-child relationship
An example parent-child relationship


  1. Click a task in the WBS section of the planning console to highlight it.
  2. Click a combination of any of the following icons to create the task and move it or move the other tasks to create the required hierarchy:
    Table 1. Creating parent-child relationships
    Icon Action
    Add task above icon () Create a task above the highlighed task.
    Add task below icon () Create a task below the highlighed task.
    Indent icon () Makes the highlighted task a child of the task above it.