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Create a dependency from the planning console

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Create a dependency from the planning console

You can create a dependency between two tasks on the planning console.

About this task

You can create any type of dependency. See Project task relationships and dependencies for an explanation of each type.

You can also create dependencies by using the Predecessor column on the Planning Console. See Predecessor dependencies in the planning console for more information.


  1. Click a task on the Gantt chart portion of the planning console. A white circle appears on either end of the task, one at the start of the task and the other at the end of the task.
  2. Click one of the white circles and drag it to the start or end of another task. The dependency is created.
  3. Double-click the dependency line to see the dependency on the Planned Task Relationship form.
  4. Confirm that your dependency is correct. You can make changes to the dependency as needed.