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Project task checklists

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Project task checklists

A project task checklist gives you the ability to track activities that must be completed on a task.

For a project task to be considered complete, you might need to track many activities that do not in and of themselves require separate sub-tasks. For example, if you have an human resources-related project that includes a task for interviewing candidates, you might want to track whether minor things like booking a meeting room or getting an interview confirmation from the candidate. You can create a checklist item for each of these things and mark whether they have been completed.

Checklist items do not have start or end dates, nor do they track effort or cost. By default, a checklist item record provides only a name and a Complete field, which can be set to true or false. The state of the project task is independent of the state of the Complete field on the checklist item.

Checklists, as well as tasks, are copied into a project template. You also have access to all checklist templates from any project task form.

Note: Checklists are available for any form that is based on a table extended from the Task table. Administrators can add or remove checklists as needed.