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Portfolio management

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Portfolio management

A portfolio is a collection of related programs, projects, and demands.

The it_portfolio_manager role is essential to be able to manage a portfolio. The Portfolio Management application provides these capabilities to the portfolio manager:
  • Create a portfolio by adding related programs, projects, and demands.
  • Do the financial planning of the projects and the portfolio.
  • Monitor the progress and status and of all the programs, projects, and demand that are part of the portfolio. Portfolio manager can track the costs, resources, and schedules.
The following diagram provides an overview of portfolio management.
Figure 1. Overview of Portfolio Management
Overview of portfolio management

Portfolio workbench

The portfolio workbench provides a central location to view and monitor the progress of the program and the projects and demands that are part of the portfolio. You can also do the financial planning of the portfolio.

Financial planning of the portfolio

The Financial Planning wizard is available in the Portfolio workbench. The financial planning process of the portfolio comprises of these stages:
  1. Determine the overall cost requirements for the portfolio and set the target.
  2. Select the projects for next fiscal years based on budget target and resource availability.
  3. Create a budget plan and allocate the approved budget to the projects and demands.
  4. If required, revise the allocation by performing a what-if analysis by adding or removing projects and demands before execution.
  5. Track actual amount being spent on the items in the portfolio against the allocated budget.

Portfolio dashboard

Portfolio Manager Dashboard provides a central location to a portfolio manager to generate different graphical reports of portfolio and the portfolio financials.

Portfolio status

The portfolio status shows the projects for a specific portfolio. These status records are typically used for reporting purposes.

The portfolio status records are often associated with an actual project record and contain some of the same data, such as the planned start and end dates. However, you can create a portfolio project that is not associated with any project, and use the portfolio status list. Use the portfolio status list if you are using another tool, such as Microsoft Project, to manage the project but you still want to include the project as part of a portfolio dashboard.