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Change requests and project tasks

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Change requests and project tasks

Large-scale changes approved by your organization's change approval board (CAB) might need to be implemented through new or existing projects.

To bridge the gap between change management and project management, the instance provides the ability to link one or more change requests to a project task. You can link an existing change request to a project task or create a new change request directly from a project task.

When you link a project task to a change request record, a new project task link record is created. It provides the actual link between the project task record and the change request record. The project task link copies over all the attributes of the change request record and becomes a child task of the project task that you linked to the change request. The rules that govern the relationship between the project task and the project task link are the same as the rules for all parent and child tasks.
Figure 1. Project tasks linked to change requests
Note: A project task cannot have both task link records and child project tasks. When a project task is linked to a change request, you cannot also create child tasks for that project task. Likewise, when a project task has child tasks, you cannot link the parent project task to a change record.
The project task link record is read only. You can view the project task links from a related list on the Project Task form.
Figure 2. Project Tasks Links related list
You can also link multiple change requests to a single project task. In this case, a project task link record is created for each link and all of the project task link records become child tasks of the project task.
Figure 3. Project tasks links