Approve an employee change request

Approving a request to change employee HR profile information updates the HR profile and automatically closes the case.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_approver_user

About this task

Employees can change personal information in their HR profile or a manager can submit a request of a direct report. For example, when a direct report is promoted to a new position.

When a change request is submitted, an HR case is opened, and the Employee Change HR Workflow determines approval requirements.
  • If no approval is required, the HR profile is updated automatically and the HR case is closed.
  • If it does require approval, HR group members receive a notification with the approval request. When the request is approved, the HR profile is updated and the HR case is closed automatically.


  1. To approve the request, begin by opening the HR case in one of the following ways.
    • Click a link in the email notification to approve, reject, or view the case.
    • Navigate to HR - Case Management > Case Management > Assigned to me and select the case.
  2. If you opened the HR case from the email link or the menu, review the proposed changes.
  3. In the Approvers related list, set your approval record to Approved.
    The HR profile is updated and the HR case is set to Closed Complete.


If the HR case is rejected, the HR profile is updated with a reject message and the HR case is set to Closed Incomplete.