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Work on an HR case

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Work on an HR case

You work on an HR case to answer the question or resolve the issue. You can use the HR Case Dashboard to review the priority and work on your assigned cases.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_case_writer

About this task

The HR Case Dashboard shows you, at a glance, how many cases are assigned to you, how many cases are high priority, and the number of breached cases. Your assigned HR cases appear in a list.

There are several ways that an HR case may be resolved.
  • Enter an answer in the Additional comments field.
  • Attach knowledge articles that describe the benefit or policy in question.
  • Add request items if applicable. For example, a case to change a department and position may require a task to obtain software needed in the new role.
  • Add tasks and assign them to the fulfillment group.
Note: The state changes described are for the default HR configuration. Your organization may have configured the workflow. If so, you may experience differences in the process flow.


  1. From the HR Case Dashboard or another list of open HR cases, open the HR case to work on.
    When the name in the Opened for field is in red, the HR case is for a VIP user and prioritized over other cases. The service level agreement (SLA) is set to a shorter duration.

    Based on the short description, the system looks for similar cases that may help you resolve this HR case. As you look at the HR case details, review the Similar Cases related list. Also, you can see which knowledge base articles the user looked at by reviewing the KB article read by user (#) related list.

  2. (Optional) If the HR case is assigned to someone else and you are taking it over, click Assign to Me at the top of the form.
    The form refreshes and your name appears in the Assigned to field.
  3. If the state is Draft or Ready, click Start work in the form header.
    The state changes to Work in Progress.
  4. Perform any of the following actions.
    Update employee HR profile information Enter information in any of the following sections or related lists:
    • Employment Information
    • About Employee
    • Contact Information
    • Emergency Contacts
    • Employment History
    Note: Depending on the case category, you may not see all sections and related lists.
    Attach a knowledge article Follow the steps in Attach a knowledge article to an HR case.
    Request more information Follow the steps in Suspend and resume an HR case.
    Order request items Click New in the Requested Items related list. Complete the form and click Submit.
    Add tasks Click Add Task under Related Links. Select the type of task to create. Complete the form, click Ready for Work, and click Submit.

    You can reopen the task and click Start Work when the task is assigned to you and you are ready to work on it.

  5. (Optional) To view the manager of the user in the Opened for field, scroll to Related Links and click Show employee org chart.
    When finished viewing the org chart, click the back arrow on the upper left.
  6. (Optional) If you determine that the case can be canceled, click Cancel at the top of the form. A popup window appears. Write the reason for canceling the case in theWork note field and click OK.
  7. (Optional) To add a checklist, click the arrow beside Checklist and select the checklist to add. To create a new checklist, perform the following steps.
    Checklist appears if the administrator configured the form to display it.
    1. Click the arrow beside Checklist and select Create new.
    2. Enter the first item in the text box that appears and press the enter key.
    3. Enter subsequent items to complete the checklist.
    4. (Optional) To save the checklist for reuse, click the arrow beside Checklist and select Save as Template. Enter the name and click Save.
    You can click the minus icon to the right of a checklist item to delete it. You can click and drag a checklist item to another position in the list.
  8. When finished, perform one of the following actions.
    Close the case Enter resolution information and click Comment for the caller to see the note or Work Note for internal information. Click Close Complete at the top of the form.
    Note: All HR tasks must be closed before the parent HR case can be closed.
    Save the case to continue working on it Enter work notes describing your progress and click Update.
    If you closed the case, the state changes to Awaiting Acceptance and the caller is notified to review it and accept or reject the resolution or reopen the case. When it is accepted, the state changes to Closed. If there is no response within two business days, the case closes automatically.

    If the resolution is rejected, the case is reopened to the Work in Progress state.