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View and update an HR task

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View and update an HR task

You can work on the HR tasks assigned to HR cases.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_task_writer

About this task

You can view HR tasks from the parent HR case by scrolling to the Tasks related list. To work with HR tasks directly, follow these steps.


  1. Navigate to HR - Case Management > HR Tasks, and select a module, such as Open or Assigned to me.
  2. Click the task to view.
  3. Perform any of the following actions.
    Begin working on a new task Click Start work.
    Note: The parent HR case must be in progress for you to start work on the task.
    Close a task Enter information in the Work notes field and other fields as needed, and change the State to Closed Complete.
    Note: All HR tasks must be closed before the parent HR case can be closed.
    Clone the task to create a new task Click the Clone Task related link. Enter the new task information in the task form and click Update.
    Cancel the task Click Cancel Task in the form header.
    Review the progress of sibling tasks Scroll to the Sibling Tasks related list. If sibling tasks are listed, click a task number to see the details.
    When all tasks are closed for an HR case, an email notification is sent to the HR agent who is assigned to the case.
  4. (Optional) To suspend the parent HR case service level agreement (SLA) because you need more information, look for one of the following options under Related Links. If one appears, select it and enter a description of the information you need.
    • Request document: Suspend a task because a document is needed.
    • Request additional user information: Suspend a task because more information is needed.
    • Suspend case: Suspend a task for any other reason.
    When no choices appear and you want to suspend the case, open the parent HR case and suspend it. You can suspend the HR case from more than one task, when needed.
    The HR case is suspended. The employee receives an email notification and responds by providing the information. You are notified when this action is completed.
  5. (Optional) To add a checklist, click the arrow beside Checklist and select the checklist to add. To create a new checklist, perform the following steps.
    Checklist appears if the administrator configured the form to display it.
    1. Click the arrow beside Checklist and select Create new.
    2. Enter the first item in the text box that appears and press the enter key.
    3. Enter subsequent items to complete the checklist.
    4. (Optional) To save the checklist for reuse, click the arrow beside Checklist and select Save as Template. Enter the name and click Save.
    You can click the minus icon to the right of a checklist item to delete it. You can click and drag a checklist item to another position in the list.
  6. Click Update.