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View the SLA of an HR case

View the SLA of an HR case

You can view the SLA record that is created when an HR case is open.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_admin or hr_manager


  1. Navigate to HR - Case Management > Case Management > Case SLAs.
    You can click the HR case number in the Task column to open the case, or click the SLA definition value to view the SLA conditions.
  2. To open the SLA record for a case, click the value in the Stage column.
    Figure 1. SLA record

    The record includes the actual and business elapsed times and the time left before the SLA is breached. The business elapsed times and time left considers the schedule. In the record example displayed in the figure above, the SLA started at 4:30 PM and the time was paused from 5:00 PM to 8:00 AM.

  3. When you are viewing the SLA record, you can perform any of the following actions.
    • To update the SLA percentage and elapsed time values, click Refresh.
    • To recreate and recalculate the SLA record, click Repair.
    • To view the SLA in a graph, click the Show SLA Timeline related link.