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Request user documentation

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Request user documentation

You can request that an employee attach required documentation to an HR case.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_case_writer

About this task

To request documentation, you suspend the case with a Document suspend reason. The case SLA is stopped and a task is created and assigned to the Opened for employee. Examples of required documentation include the following.
  • Receipts for tuition reimbursement
  • Affidavits of domestic partnership to extend benefits
  • Work visas


  1. Open an HR case that requires documentation.
  2. Click Suspend.
    The Suspend Reason pop-up window opens.
  3. Select Document from the Reason choice list.
  4. Enter a Work Note describing the document that is required to resolve the case.
    The employee sees this description in the email notification they receive.
  5. Click Suspend.
    The case is suspended and a task is assigned to the user who must submit the documents. An email notification with a link to the task is sent to the employee.


The employee clicks the link in the email to open the task. When the documentation is attached, it is automatically set to Closed Complete. The attached documentation is moved to the HR case, and you receive notification that the HR case is resumed and the task is closed.

What to do next

You can click the link in the email notification to open the HR case. Review the attachments, and then complete and close the HR case.