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Request employment verification

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Request employment verification

You can submit an HR request to generate an employment verification letter and have it sent via email to the institution making the request.

About this task

You can request an employment letter either through the Catalog in the top banner area of the portal page or through Browse HR Service Catalog. The letter is generated based on your HR profile information. The HR agent assigned to your request can attach the letter to an email message and send it to the contact email address you provide.


  1. Navigate to Self-Service > HR Service Portal.
  2. Under Browse HR Service Catalog, select Employee Data Management.
    As an alternative, you can also click on Catalog in the top banner area of the portal page to get to the request form.
  3. Select Employment Verification.
    The form to request an employment verification letter opens.
  4. Complete the form, entering the reason you need the letter, the name of the company or institution, the name of your contact and the address, and the contact's email address.
  5. Click Submit.