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Complete an employee offboarding case

Complete an employee offboarding case

You can work on an offboarding request to ensure that all required documents have been reviewed and signed prior to the last day of an employee.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_case_writer

About this task

HR agents ensure that all required offboarding tasks have been completed as part of the offboarding process.

Approval is required. Approvers use the HR Service Portal or from the case on the Employee Data Management Case page. After approval is received, the State changes to Work in Progress.


  1. Navigate to HR - Employee Data Management > Case Management > Employee Data Management Cases or to HR - Case Management > HR Tasks > Assigned to me.
  2. Click a case number.
  3. Scroll down and review the HR Tasks.
    As assigned tasks are completed, the State changes to Closed Complete. Tasks in Ready state are not complete.
  4. Click the task numbers assigned to you.
  5. Click Start Work to save the case information and change the status from Ready to Work in Progress.
  6. Change the state to Closed Complete when the task has completed.
  7. Click Update to save and return to the Employee Data Management Case form or Save to save and remain on the HR Task form.
  8. When all tasks are complete, change the state of the case to Closed Complete.
  9. Click Update to save and return to the Employee Data Management Case list or Save to remain on the Employee Data Management Case form.


After the HR Employee Data Management case is created, a service level agreement (SLA) is applied to track its progress. SLAs define the duration of time it takes to close an HR case. By default, HR onboarding and offboarding cases are set to two days, and other HR cases are set to four hours. The SLA can be suspended in order for the HR agent has to contact a vendor to obtain the information and the vendor is not immediately available.

HR managers and administrators can view case SLA records by navigating to HR - Case Management > Case Management > Case SLAs. You can also run SLA reports.