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Create or modify tuition reimbursement

Create or modify tuition reimbursement

You can add or modify a tuition reimbursement for an employee using the HR Benefits module.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic, or hr_manager

About this task

Employees can ask questions about approved courses and classes and request tuition reimbursement by submitting a request through the HR Service Portal. A tuition reimbursement case is opened and can be viewed and assigned at HR - Benefits > Tuition Reimbursements.


  1. Navigate to HR - Benefits > Tuition Reimbursements.
    The HR Tuition Reimbursements list opens.
  2. Click New to open an HR tuition reimbursement record.
  3. Complete the form. (The fields you see on the form depend on how the form is configured and what fields are selected to display.)
    Table 1. HR Tuition Reimbursement form
    Field Description
    Course title The name of the course.
    Employee The user who requested tuition reimbursement. Click the lookup icon and select the user.
    School/Program name Name of the school or program where the employee took the course.
    Course grade Grade the employee received after completing the course.
    Course justification Explanation of why the employee took the course.
    Status Status of the reimbursement request, such as Approved or Paid.
    Course start date Date when the course started.
    Course end date Date when the course ended.
    Course cost Cost of the course.
    Refund Amount reimbursed to the employee.
  4. Click Submit.
    The tuition reimbursement is listed in the HR Tuition Reimbursements list.
  5. To modify tuition reimbursement data, find the existing tuition reimbursement in the HR Tuition Reimbursements list.
    You can use the list search menu by typing the course title or employee name and pressing Enter.
  6. Click the tuition reimbursement to open the form.
    The HR Tuition Reimbursement form opens displaying course title and other populated fields.
  7. Modify the form.
  8. Click Update.