Create or modify a vision benefit

You can add or modify a retirement benefit for an employee using the HR Benefits module.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic, or hr_manager

About this task

Employees can ask questions about vision benefits and request to enroll in a vision benefit plan by submitting a request through the HR Service Portal. A vision benefits case is opened and can be viewed and managed at HR - Benefits > Case Management.


  1. Navigate to HR - Benefits > Benefits > Vision Benefits.
    The HR Vision Benefits list opens.
  2. Click New to open a vision benefit record.
  3. Complete the form. (The fields you see on the form depend on how the form is configured and what fields are selected to display.)
    Table 1. HR Vision Benefit form
    Field Description
    Name The name of the benefit.
    Employee The user who requested enrollment. Click the lookup icon and select the user.
    Provider Benefit provider.
    Details Any details about the benefit.
    Paycheck deduction amount Dollar amount deducted from the employee paycheck toward the benefit.
    Beneficiaries Family members eligible for the benefit.
    Start date Date when the benefit is active for the employee and beneficiaries.
    End date Date when the benefit is no longer active for the employee and beneficiaries.
  4. Click Submit.
    The vision benefit is listed in the HR Vision Benefits list.
  5. To modify vision benefit data, find the existing vision benefit in the HR Vision Benefits list.
    You can use the list search menu by typing the employee name and pressing Enter.
  6. Click the vision benefit to open the form.
    The HR Vision Benefits form opens displaying benefit name and other populated fields.
  7. Modify the form.
  8. Click Update.