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Attach documentation to an HR case

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Attach documentation to an HR case

You may receive a request from an HR agent to submit documentation, such as receipts or legal documents.

About this task

For example, if you are asking for tuition reimbursement, the HR agent needs a copy of the tuition payment receipt to submit the reimbursement request. When documentation is required, a task is generated for you to attach the document(s), and you receive an email notification.

If you have a digital copy of the requested document when you receive the email notification, you can reply to the notification and attach the file to the reply email. The system attaches it to the task and closes the task for you. The following procedure describes how to attach it to the HR case in the system.


  1. When you receive notification of required documentation, scan or upload the documents to your computer.
  2. Perform one of the following actions.
    To respond from the email notification Click the link to the task that is in the notification email. The HR Task form opens. The Description lists the document that is needed. Click the attachment icon and attach the documents, and then click Update.
    To navigate to the task in the HR Service Portal Select My Tasks and complete the following steps.
    1. Open the request that requires documentation. You see a message at the top that action is required.
    2. Click the link in the message. A dialog window opens.
    3. If you know the documents that need to be attached, click the attachment icon and attach them.
    4. If you are not sure what to attach, click the arrow next to the Document requested for HR Case to see what the HR agent asked for.
    5. Click the attachment icon and attach the documents, and then click Update.
    You can also attach files by dragging and dropping them from your file browser into the HR task or HR case form.
    The task changes from blue to gray and a check mark appears in the task box under My Tasks indicating the task is Closed Complete. A notification is sent to the HR agent that the documentation is available.