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Approve a tuition reimbursement request

Approve a tuition reimbursement request

To approve a tuition reimbursement request, you review the submitted documentation and justification to ensure the course supports the employee job functions.

Before you begin

Role required: hr_basic or hr_approver_user

About this task

The employee who submits the request attaches the payment receipt and grades to the tuition form using the HR Service Portal. When the request is submitted, two HR tasks are generated: one to review and approve the payment, and one for payroll to process the payment.


  1. Open a tuition reimbursement request and click Start work.
  2. Verify the documents that are attached and review them to determine whether to approve the request.
  3. (Optional) If one or more of the documents are not attached or are incorrect, click Suspend, select Document for the reason, and enter a note about the documents that you need.
    The HR case is suspended. The employee receives an email notification and responds by attaching the documents. You are notified when this action is completed.
  4. Open the first task and click Start Work.
  5. Complete one of the following actions.
    Request is approved Click Close complete, enter a note that the documents and reimbursement are approved, and click OK.
    Request is not approved Click Close incomplete, enter a note about why you do not approve the documents or justification, and click OK.
  6. To notify payroll that this request is approved for payment, open task assigned to HR payroll and enter a comment that the task is ready for work.
    This sends an email notification with the comment to the assigned payroll agent.

What to do next

After the payroll agent processes the payment, they notify you that the case can be closed.