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Assignment rules in HR

Assignment rules in HR

You can define rules to assign cases to specific users or groups automatically based on the rule conditions.

Assignment rules help quickly assign new or modified HR cases for resolution. For example, an assignment rule could specify that cases submitted by users in Germany are automatically assigned to the HR group in Berlin.

Assignment rules contain the following elements.
  • Applies To: Conditions that must be met for the rule to process.
  • Assign To: Users and groups to assign the case to if the conditions are met.
  • Script: If necessary, entry to customize the assignment rule further.

Assignment rules are applied only when an HR case is submitted and either no template was selected or the selected template does not assign the Assignment group. In either of these cases, a predefined assignment rule assigns HR cases to the HR group.

If you have more than one HR department, you can remove the HR group assignment from the HR template and use assignment rules to assign the HR group. For example, if you have HR departments in both the U.S. and German offices, you can create an HR group for each office. You set up assignment rules to assign the HR group based on the location of the employee who submitted the HR case.

If your organization is using HR skills to qualify HR case assignments, ensure that the assigned user or group members have the required skills. To determine whether skills are being used and assigned, check the following configuration options.
  • HR - Administration > Administration > Configuration: From the Assignment tab, check Auto-selection of agents for tasks requires them to have skills. If all or some is selected, continue to check the following options.
  • HR - Administration > Catalog & Templates > HR Templates: Look at the template that corresponds to the assignment rule to see what skills, if any, are required.
  • HR - Administration > Catalog & Templates > Manage HR Skills: Find the HR user assigned to the case and click the Skills: # button to see whether the required skill is assigned. If not, check the box to assign it, and click Save.