HR PDF document templates

HR document templates are used to generate PDF documents that include information from an employee's HR profile. You can generate PDF employment verification letters for existing employees. You configure PDF document templates with your company information and logo.

You can configure multiple PDF document templates, for example, if you have different letters for different countries. The following templates are predefined.
  • Employee Verification Letter in Canada
  • Employee Verification Letter in USA
Before you begin generating documents you need to configure the templates with your company logo and text. It is recommended that you obtain the following items and information to configure the predefined HR document templates, or to create new ones.
  • A page of your company's letterhead.
  • Copies of your current employment verification letter and offer letter templates, if available.
  • The logo image to use in your header. The header image can be a maximum of 50px high. If your letterhead includes a logo and text, ensure that the logo image includes the text, as you can only configure the image in the header.
  • The logo image to use in your footer, if applicable. The logo image can be a maximum of 15px high. You can configure both an image and text in the footer.