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Checklists in HR cases and tasks

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Checklists in HR cases and tasks

A feature of tasks is the ability to add a checklist. In an HR case or task, a checklist can serve as a reminder to the HR agent to ensure that the procedure is followed.

A checklist can be added as a reminder for just the current case, or the HR agent can save the checklist for reuse. Do not confuse checklists with HR tasks. Here is an example of how both might be used for a request to change employee HR profile information.
  1. A manager submits an employee change request through the HR Service Portal when the employee gets a promotion. An HR case is created with the request to change the title and position. This HR case involves changes not only to the HR profile, but also to the records in the payroll and performance management systems for the employee.
  2. HR tasks are added to the HR case to update the payroll and performance management systems. Each HR task is assigned to an agent on the appropriate HR team, such as a payroll clerk and an HR generalist.
  3. The payroll clerk adds a checklist to the HR task as a reminder of how to time the payroll record update for the correct payroll cycle.
  4. The HR agent adds a checklist to the HR case as a reminder to communicate the promotion within the organization. For example, the checklist items are:
    • Get the promotion into next company newsletter
    • Let the manager know when the change reflects in the system
    • Remind the employee to order new business cards, if applicable

Enable and reuse checklists

The checklist does not appear automatically in the HR case and HR task forms. If you decide to use the checklist feature, the administrator must configure the forms in the form designer to add the checklist formatter.

If you plan to reuse checklists for certain types of tasks, determine a naming convention that makes it easy to find the checklist. All checklists are saved in the same list and are available for selection in every type of task. For example, you may construct checklist names to begin with HR and then specify if it is for a case or task, and its purpose. Examples based on the scenario include:
  • HR case promotion reminders
  • HR task payroll timing