PDF APIs and PDF document templates

Use PDF APIs to create PDF document templates.

PDF APIs are called through server-side scripts like business rules and script includes.

API Details

The GeneralFormAPI.setDocument() sets document parameters for PDF generation. The parameters are:


headerImage Image in the header of the document template.
, footerImage Image in the footer of the document template.
, footnote Footnote at bottom center.
, headerPosition Position of header image. Values are Left, Right, and Center.
, footerPosition Position of footer image. Values are Left, Right, and Center.
, pageSize Sets page size for document template. Values are Letter, Legal, and A4.
View the 'generate()' API function in the GeneralHRForm script include to see how the API works:
Code snippet:
var generalFormAPI = new global.GeneralFormAPI(this.fileName, this.targetTable, this.targetId);
generalFormAPI.setDocument(this.headerImage, this.footerImage, this.footnote, this.headerPosition, this.footerPosition, this.pageSize);