Add information to the HR profile table

The Worker object from which you obtain employee data provides additional information that you can save to the HR Profile table.

Before you begin

Role required: admin


  1. Modify the integration table and transaction table:
    1. Navigate to System Definition > Tables.
    2. Use the system dictionary to add a column in both the appropriate integration table and the transactional table in the instance.
      For example, to add employee data such as Seniority Date, add a column in both the Workday DS [workday_data_import] table and the HR Profile [hr_profile] table.
  2. Modify the XPATH script include:
    1. Navigate to Integration - Workday > Script Includes and open the appropriate XPATH map script include.
      For example, if you are adding employee data to the HR Profile table, open workday_worker_xpath_map.
    2. Add the Workday information item you want to import.
      For example, to add worker nationality:

      colToXPathMap.wd_nationality = "wd:Worker_Data/wd:Personal_Data/wd:Citizenship_Status_Reference/wd:ID[@wd:type='Citizenship_Status_Code'

    Some of the additional information that you may want to import is already in the script includes, but is commented out. You can remove the comment marks to import the information.
  3. Modify the transform map:
    1. Navigate to Integration - Workday > Transform Maps and open the appropriate transform map, such as Workday_Data_Transform.
    2. In the Field Maps related list, click New.
    3. In the Source field, select the field you created in the integration table.
    4. In the Target field, select the field you created in the instance's transactional table, such as the HR Profile table.
    5. Click Submit.