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Activate GRC: Compliance UCF

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Activate GRC: Compliance UCF

The GRC: UCF Import (com.snc.ucf_import_add_on) plugin was deprecated and replaced by the new GRC: Compliance UCF (com.sn_comp_ucf) plugin, as an add-on to the GRC: Policy and Compliance Management application. This plugin is required to import content from the UCF-CCH.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

Users with a separate subscription to the Network Frontiers Unified Compliance Framework Common Controls Hub (UCF-CCH), can download content from the UCF-CCH for use as GRC authority documents, citations, controls, and policy statements. Users must have a UCF-CCH account to create shared lists and import them into ServiceNow®.

Note: If your GRC effective contract date is before December 1, 2016, you are entitled to a free UCF CCH account for the period of December 1, 2016 through November 30, 2018. For customers on Helsinki (Patch 7 and above), or Istanbul and whose effective GRC contract start dates start on Dec 1, 2016 or after, you need to arrange your own subscription if your organization plans on using Unified Controls Compliance as the provider of your controls library. For more information about establishing a UCF CCH account, see Unified Compliance.

About this task

This plugin includes demo data and activates related plugins if they are not already active.


  1. Navigate to System Definition > Plugins.
  2. Find and click the plugin name.
  3. On the System Plugin form, review the plugin details and then click the Activate/Upgrade related link.

    If the plugin depends on other plugins, these plugins are listed along with their activation status.

    If the plugin has optional features that are not functional because other plugins are inactive, those plugins are listed. A warning states that some files will not be installed. If you want the optional features to be installed, cancel this activation, activate the necessary plugins, and then return to activating the plugin.

  4. (Optional) If available, select the Load demo data check box.

    Some plugins include demo data—sample records that are designed to illustrate plugin features for common use cases. Loading demo data is a good policy when you first activate the plugin on a development or test instance.

    You can also load demo data after the plugin is activated by clicking the Load Demo Data Only related link on the System Plugin form.

  5. Click Activate.