Targeted communications

The Targeted Communications application provides the ability to create and send communications with optional email notification to internal and external customers.

Users with the publications author ( and publications administrator (sn_publications.admin) roles can use the Targeted Communications application to author publication articles for both employees and customer contacts.

Each publication article includes content and a specified list of recipients and can also include optional email notification. The recipient list is created using two different types of lists: a static list of selected customers and a dynamic list based on selected conditions.

Publication authors specify a publish date and an expiration date when creating an article to handle time-sensitive information. Authors can also request a review prior to publishing an article.

Publishing articles are based on workflows and two default workflows are provided: one to publish articles instantly and one that requires approval prior to publishing. Publication administrators can update workflows and add users with the publications approver (sn_publications.approver) role to perform reviews. Both authors and administrators can monitor publications and see which users have received and viewed the information.

Customer contacts can view these publications by logging in to the customer portal and clicking the Publications link in the portal header. Employees can view these publications by navigating to Targeted Communications > Publications in the application navigator.

Publication article stages

Publication articles progress through several stages which are displayed in a process flow formatter on the Publication form.
Table 1. Publication stages
Stage Definition
Author The initial state of the publication creation process.
Review Publications that are waiting for review. A publication cannot be updated when it is in the Review stage.
Ready To Publish Publications that have been reviewed and are ready to be published.
Published Publications that that have reached their Publish Date.
Expired Publications that have reached their Expiry Date or that have been manually expired.
Cancelled Pending publications that have been cancelled.

States are shown in a process flow formatter at the top of the Publication form. The current state is indicated by a blue underline. States that have been completed are indicated by a blue check mark.

Publication lists

The Targeted Communications application menu includes several views of publication records.
Table 2. Publications lists
State Definition
Active Publications Includes publications in the following stages:
  • Author
  • Review
  • Ready to Publish
  • Published
Draft Publications Includes publications that have been created and sent for review.
Expired Publications Includes publications that have reached their Expiry Date or have been set to Expired.