CTI integration with case routing

An incoming customer call can be routed to an available customer service agent.

Similar to the other communication channels, incoming calls from customers can be routed to a specific agent by using matching rules. If an agent is not available, the call can be placed in a queue. After the agent is free, the matching call in the queue with the longest wait time is rerouted to the agent.

Case routing is enabled as an activity in a workflow. In the Call Center demo workflow (available with the Customer Service CTI Demo Data plugin), a call is forwarded to a customer service agent after the caller either creates a new case or enters a valid number for an existing case.

If no agents are available, the call goes into a queue and remains there until an agent becomes available. If a call is in the queue for longer than 10 minutes, it is forwarded to voice mail and the caller is asked to leave a message.