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Overwrite a customization during an upgrade

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Overwrite a customization during an upgrade

When you change any non-excluded fields on a record, a corresponding record is added in the Customer Update [sys_update_xml] table and the Replace on upgrade field is set to false.

About this task

To prevent customizations from being overwritten by system upgrades, the upgrade process automatically skips changes to these objects. You may want to overwrite your customizations with the next software version. For example, you may change a script to implement a temporary workaround for a problem that is fixed in the next version. You would want to overwrite your workaround when upgrading to the next version to ensure that you receive any future enhancements to the script.


  1. Open the customized object (for example, the ArrayUtil script include).
  2. Right-click the header and select Show Latest Update. Alternatively, right-click the header and select Show Application File.
  3. Configure the form to add the Replace on upgrade field, if necessary.
  4. Select the Replace on upgrade check box and click Update. The customized object will be replaced on the next upgrade.