Service Creator roles

The Service Creator application uses the specific roles.

Table 1. Roles
Role Title [Name] Description
<Service Category> User [<service category table name>_user] Accesses request records for a service category. The table name for the service category determines the name of the role. Users designated as the manager, editors, or service fulfillers for a service category automatically receive this role.
Catalog Administrator [catalog_admin] Creates, edits, and publishes service categories and services, and creates and edits notifications including template notifications. Catalog administrators are primarily responsible for approving service category requests.
Catalog Manager [catalog_manager] Creates, edits, and publishes services, and designates editors and service fulfillers. A user designated as the manager of a service category receives this role automatically.
Catalog Editor [catalog_editor] Creates and edits services. A users designated as an editor of a service category receives this role automatically.