Import application from source control

Import an application from a source control repository to continue development of it on this instance.

Before you begin

  • Role required: admin or source_control
  • Verify that the instance has network access to the GIT repository
  • Verify that the repository contains a valid application


  1. Navigate to System Applications > Studio.
    The system displays the Welcome to Studio page.
  2. Click Open Studio > Go.
    The system opens Studio and the Switch Applications window.
  3. Click Import from Source Control.
    Studio displays the Import from Source Control fields.
  4. Enter the following field values.
    Table 1. Import from source control fields
    Field Description
    URL The URL to the GIT repository where the application files reside.
    User name The user credentials to access the GIT repository.
    Password The password credentials to access the GIT repository.
    Note: All application developers on the instance share a single set of repository credentials.
  5. Click Commit.
    The system imports the application.
  6. Click Select Application.
    Studio displays the application as a new choice in the Switch Applications window.

What to do next

Select the imported application to edit it.