Application management

The system offers several ways to manage applications. You must have the admin role to perform these procedures.

Table 1. Application management actions
Action Options Use case
Install an application
  • Install new application
  • Install updates
Application testing.
Select the current application
  • Select an application from the applications list
  • Select an application from the application picker
Edit an application.
Update the application record
  • Add tables
  • Add roles
  • Add menus
  • Add dependencies
  • Add Update Sets
Add application logic.
Set the application state
  • Deactivate an application
  • Activate an application
  • Delete an application
Retire a legacy application.
Share an application
  • Make available on another instance
  • Upload to the ServiceNow Store
Move an application from development to testing.
Remove an application
  • Deactivate
  • Delete
  • Uninstall
Retire an obsolete or legacy application.
Move application files from one global application to another None Edit a legacy application.