Available source control operations

The source control integration primarily supports operations from Studio, but can also support some operations directly from the GIT repository.

Table 1. Available source control operations
Operation Description Available from
Import from Source Control Import an application from the repository to the local instance. Studio
Link to Source Control Allows developers to manage application changes from a GIT repository. Studio
Edit Repository Configuration Updates the GIT repository user credentials. Studio
Apply Remote Changes Updates the local version of the application to match the repository version. Studio
Commit Changes Updates the repository version of the application to match the local version. Studio
Stash Local Changes Removes and saves local changes for later work. Studio
Switch Branch Updates the local version of the application to match the repository branch version. Studio
Create Branch Create a branch in the repository to save a different version of the application.
  • Studio
  • GIT repository
Create Tag Create a tag in the repository to link to a particular application version.
  • Studio
  • GIT repository
Manage Stashes Allows developers to apply or delete stashed changes. Studio
Create repository Create a repository to store application changes GIT repository
Create credentials Create credentials to the repository. GIT repository
Grant access to repository Provide read and write access to the repository tied to a specific set of credentials. GIT repository