Namespace identifier

The system adds a namespace identifier to the front of application artifacts such as tables, scripts, and configuration records.

The identifier cannot be changed or removed from application artifacts to ensure that they are always associated to the proper application and that they have a unique name.

The system generates a namespace identifier from the following information:

Table 1. Elements used to generate a namespace identifier
Element Requirements Sample Value
The prefix characters for a scoped application. Scoped applications always start with an x_ prefix. x_
The instance vendor prefix ( This string is two to five characters long. ServiceNow generates this prefix for each customer. The instance stores the prefix in the system property. acme
The application ID This string can be up to 40 characters long. Application developers set this ID when they create the application. The system uses the application name by default. book_rooms

The example values generate a namespace identifier of x_acme_book_rooms.