WorkflowModelManager - getExecutedHistory( )

This is the worker method that must be called to initialize the WorkflowModelManager object. In the process of initializing the WorkflowModelManager object, getExecutedHistory() creates and populates the activityHistoryRecord data object array (which is a member of the WorkflowModelManager class). Most WorkflowModelManager methods return a subset of the activityHistoryRecord array. Your script can then call one or more of the activityHistoryRecord methods to accomplish further work.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
Table 2. Returns
String ArrayAn ordered array of sys_ids from table wf_history. It is unlikely client code would use the return value; it is kept internally to this object for use by subsequent method calls.

var model = new WorkflowModelManager('myContextId');
var activities = model.getExecutedHistory();
var current = model.getActivityHistoryRecordById('d6681d573b130000dada82c09ccf3d10');