Clientside GlideRecordV3 - query()

Performs a query. Takes zero or more parameters. Parameters may be in any order. Any function is considered to be a response function. Any pair of literals is considered a query pair (field : value).

Do not make synchronous query calls. Performing a query without a response function makes the call synchronous, which means that the display will wait for the query response before continuing.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
responseFunction Function The function called when the query results are available. (optional)
name String A field name. (optional)
value String The field value to check for. (optional)
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
// synchronous, no response function, DO NOT USE
// asynchronous, calls the responseFunction when done 
// synchronous, adds "category=hardware" to current query conditions, and does a query, DO NOT USE
query('category', 'hardware') 
//asynchronous, adds "category=hardware" to current query conditions, does a query, and calls responseFunction 
query('category', 'hardware', responseFunction)