GlideModalFormV3 - GlideModalForm(String title, String tableName, Function onCompletionCallback, Boolean readOnly)

Creates an instance of the GlideModalForm class.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
title String The form title.
tableName String The table being shown.
onCompletionCallback Function The function to call after the form has been submitted and processed on the server. The callback function has the form callbackFunction(String action_verb, String sys_id, String table, String displayValue) where
  • action_verb is the name of the UI action executed. Examples are sysverb_insert (Submit button), sysverb_cancel, sysverb_save (Save button).
  • sys_id is the sys_id of the affected record.
  • table is the name of the table containing the record.
  • displayValue
var d = new GlideModalForm('dialog title', 'table_name_or_form_name', [callback on completion of submit])
         d.setPreference('name', 'value');