GlideForm - flash(String widgetName, String color, Number count)

Used to draw attention to a particular field. Flashes the specified color the specified number of times in the specified field.

This method is not supported by Service Catalog.

This method is not available on the mobile platform. If this method is run on a mobile platform, no action occurs.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
widgetName String Specifies the field in the as <table name>.<fieldname.
color String RGB color or acceptable CSS color.
count Number Specifies how long the label will flash.
  • use 2 for a 1-second flash
  • use 0 for a 2-second flash
  • use -2 for a 3-second flash
  • use -4 for a 4-second flash
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
g_form.flash("incident.number", "#FFFACD", 0);