GlideForm - addDecoration(String fieldName, String icon, String title)

Adds an icon on a field’s label.

Adding the same item twice is prevented; however, you can add the same icon with a different title.
Note: This method is not supported by Service Catalog.
Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
fieldName String The field name.
icon String The font icon to show next to the field. Supported icons - icon-user, icon-user-group, icon-lightbulb, icon-home, icon-mobile, icon-comment, icon-mail, icon-locked, icon-database, icon-book, icon-drawer, icon-folder, icon-catalog, icon-tab, icon-cards, icon-tree-right, icon-tree, icon-book-open, icon-paperclip, icon-edit, icon-trash, icon-image, icon-search, icon-power, icon-cog, icon-star, icon-star-empty, icon-new-ticket, icon-dashboard, icon-cart-full, icon-view, icon-label, icon-filter, icon-calendar, icon-script, icon-add, icon-delete, icon-help, icon-info, icon-check-circle, icon-alert, icon-sort-ascending, icon-console, icon-list, icon-form, and icon-livefeed.
title String The text title for the icon.
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
g_form.addDecoration('caller_id', 'icon-star', 'preferred member');