GlideForm - Client

The GlideForm API provides methods to customize forms. GlideForm.js is the JavaScript class containing the methods. The global object g_form is used to access GlideForm methods. GlideForm methods are only used on the client.

These methods are used to make custom changes to the form view of records. All validation of examples was done using Client Scripts.

Some of these methods can also be used in other client scripts (such as Catalog Client Scripts or Wizard Client Scripts), but must first be tested to determine whether they will work as expected.

Note: The methods getControl(), getElement(), and getFormElement() are deprecated for mobile devices. For information on using GlideForm for mobile, see Mobile Client GlideForm (g_form) Scripting.

There is no constructor for the GlideForm class. Access GlideForm methods using the g_form global object.