DiscoveryFunctionality - getStuffForServiceName(String name, Object lhCriteria, Object rhCriteria)

Gets a hashmap of information from the current functionality if a port probe that probes the given service name can be found and for which the functionality criteria are met with the given left-hand values and right-hand values. Returns null if no such port probe exists.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
name String Name of the service for which a port probe is desired
lhCriteria Object A hashmap of left-hand criteria values, for example "win_domain"=""
rhCriteria Object A hashmap of right-hand criteria values, for example "mid_win_domain"=""
Table 2. Returns
Type Description
Object A hashmap with these properties, or null if none.
  • behavior: the DiscoveryBehaviorRecord instance containing the service found
  • functionality: the DiscoveryFunctionality instance containing the service found
  • functionalityDefinition: the DiscoveryFunctionalityDefinition instance containing the service found
  • portProbe: the DiscoveryPortProbe instance containing the service found
  • service: the IPService instance found