ActivityHistoryRecord - isJoinWaitingForActivity(String Array activityIds)

Tests the incoming wf_activity sys_id, presumed to be seeded in this history record.

If it is, it is tested to see if it has already been through; if it has, then this join is not waiting on this activity and it should look further downstream for the one that is waiting. This test is is called in sequence as the model is walked, so it does presume in the instances of rollbacks and loops. If the sys_id is in here and the flag is true, this waiting Join is further up the sequence. This sort of check is required as the history records of Joins are removed from the history table, and so it is possible for a record to be in the transition table with no match in the corresponding history table, but is still an appropriate match for an earlier executed instance of the same Join.

Table 1. Parameters
Name Type Description
activityIds String Array Array of wf_activity.sys_ids that are headed towards join.
Table 2. Returns
BooleanTrue, if the activity has already been through.