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UI16 application navigator

UI16 application navigator

The UI16 application navigator appears at the left of the interface and provides access to all available applications and modules, favorites, and recently viewed items.

Use the application navigator to quickly find information and services.

The application navigator consists of a navigation filter and the following tabs.

Table 1. UI16 application navigator tabs
Tab Description
All applications Displays all application menus and modules. Each application appears as a section in the application navigator denoted by an application label. Modules are listed by name under each application label.
Favorites Displays items you have added as favorites. If you upgrade to UI16 from a previous interface, any bookmarks you created are automatically converted to favorites.
History Displays items you have recently accessed.
Figure 1. All applications tab
Application navigator
Figure 2. Favorites tab
Figure 3. History tab

Enter text in the navigation filter to show matching applications, modules, and favorites. Matching favorites appear at the top of the results. You can also use the navigation filter to quickly access a specific table. For more information, see Navigate directly to a table.

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