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Administer Connect actions

Administer Connect actions

You can create or modify Connect actions to provide custom functionality in Connect Chat or Connect Support conversations.

Before you begin

Role required: admin

About this task

The Connect action menu appears by the message entry field when one or more Connect actions are available for a conversation, based on defined conditions. When a user selects a Connect action, the system runs the script defined for that action.


  1. Navigate to connect_action.list to access the Connect Action table.
    If Connect Support is enabled, you can also navigate to Collaborate > Administration > Actions.
  2. Click New or open an existing Connect action.
  3. Complete the Connect Action form, as appropriate.
    Table 1. Connect Action form
    Field Description
    Condition JavaScript condition statement that must return true for the action to be available in a conversation. For example, to show the action in Connect Support conversations only, enter conversation.type === "support" or conversation.table === 'chat_queue_entry'.

    For information about the conversation object, see the GlideConversation API reference documentation.

    Hint This field is not used.
    Icon Class Name This field is not used.
    Order Order of the action relative to other items in the Connect action menu. This field is available starting with Geneva Patch 6.
    Script Script to execute when the action is run. For example, to create a new incident based on the conversation, enter the following code:
        short_description: conversation.document.short_description ||"",
        caller_id: conversation.document.opened_by
    For information about the response object, see the ConnectActionResponse API reference documentation.
    Shortcut Text that triggers the action when entered after the "/" character in a conversation.
    Title Text that appears in the Connect action menu. The title for each Connect action should be unique.


Figure 1. Connect Actions form
Connect Actions form with the condition conversation.table === 'chat_queue_entry'