Properties installed with Connect

Connect adds the following system properties.
Note: All of the properties are located on the System Property [sys_properties] table. To open the System Property [sys_properties] table, enter sys_properties.list in the navigation filter.
Name Description
collaboration.email_interval Sets the number of minutes the system waits before sending a Connect notification email to an inactive user.
collaboration.frameset Determines whether the Connect overlay is visible (enabled). This property also impacts Connect Support.
collaboration.polling_interval Sets the number of seconds the system waits between polling for new Connect messages. This property also impacts Connect Support.
  • Type: integer
  • Default value: 10
glide.connect.enabled Hides the Create or Join Chat Room related link, which appears on the Incident form when legacy chat is enabled. Legacy chat and Connect Chat should not be used concurrently and this property should not be modified.
  • Type: true | false
  • Default value: true
glide.live_feed.task_header_button Determines whether the show live feed icon (Show live feed icon) and Follow button are available in the form header of tables that have the live_feed=true dictionary attribute. The available choices are both, live_feed, collaboration, and none.