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Modify a GlideDateTime field value

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Modify a GlideDateTime field value

This example demonstrates how to modify a GlideDateTime field value using a script.

Name: Modify a GlideDateTime Field Value

Type: A server side script that accesses a GlideDateTime field.

Table: N/A

Description: Given a GlideDateTime field or script object, show a variety of ways to easily modify value. The same concept also applies to the GlideDate object.

Parameters: N/A


//You first need a GlideDateTime object
//this can be from instantiating a new object "var gdt = new GlideDateTime()"
//or getting the object from a GlideDateTime field
//getting the field value (for example: var gdt = current.start_date) only returns the string value, not the object
//to get the object use var gdt = current.start_date.getGlideObject();
//now gdt is a GlideDateTime object
var gdt = current.start_date.getGlideObject();
//All methods can use negative values to subtract intervals
//add 1 hour (60 mins * 60 secs)
//add 1 day
//subtract 1 day
//add 3 weeks
//subtract 6 months.
//add 1 year, representing the date and time using the UTC timezone instead of the local user's timezone.