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Reprocess received emails

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Reprocess received emails

It is possible to reprocess emails that were received by your instance.

A similar "Reprocess received emails" UI action gives a list choice option at the bottom of the email list, which can be used to reprocess multiple emails at once.

A UI action named "Reprocess Email" puts a button on the email form:

Figure 1. Reprocess Email UI action

The script and condition are duplicated below for easy cutting and pasting. This UI action gives you a button when you open an email (in System Logs --> Email) that has a type of "received" or "received-ignored". It will create an event that will reprocess that incoming email through the Inbound Email Actions.


current.type == 'received' || current.type == 'received-ignored'


var evt = new GlideRecord('sysevent');
evt.process_on = gs.nowDateTime(); = "";
evt.parm1 = current.sys_id;
gs.addInfoMessage('event created to reprocess email "' + current.subject + '"');