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Add autofill functionality

Add autofill functionality

Add autofill functionality is also called incident template, auto assignments, quick calls, call script, or auto populate.

Let's say you want to auto-fill your Short Description based on the Subcategory selected. First, create a lookup table, then populate the key field, in this case Subcategory and the auto-filled field, Short Description. So let's say your table had a record with Subcategory = Password and Short Description = Password Reset. When the user selects the subcategory of Password on the Incident form a client script looks up the matching record and sets short description equal to Password Reset. Client script settings... Type = onChange, Table name = incident, Field name = Subcategory.

function onChange(control, oldValue, newValue, isLoading) { 
  if (isLoading) { return; } 
  var newrec = gel('sys_row');
  //Check if new record
  if (newrec.value == -1) { 
    var lookup = new GlideRecord('u_short_desc_lookup'); 
    lookup.addQuery('u_subcategory', g_form.getValue('subcategory'));
    var temp; //temp var - reusable
    if ( {
      temp = lookup.u_short_description;
        if (null != temp) { //Set the form value from lookup if there is a lookup value
          g_form.setValue('short_description', temp); } 
        else {
          g_form.setValue('short_description', "" ); } } 
   else { 
     //If a lookup record does not exist based on lookup.addQuery 
     //Then set to UNDEFINED or NULL depending on type
      g_form.setValue('short_description', ""); } }

You could populate many fields or even pull in call script questions into the Comments field so call center personnel gather good information to pass on to a technician. There are already Assignment Rule, Templates and Wizards built in that perform similiar functions.