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Script include form

Script include form

Script includes have a name, description and script. They also specify whether they are active or not, and whether they can be called from a client script.

To access script includes, navigate to System Definitions > Script Includes.
Table 1. Script include form
Field Description
Name The name of the script include. If you are defining a class, this must match the name of the class, prototype, and type. If you are using a classless (on-demand) script include, the name must match the function name.
Client callable Makes the script include available to client scripts, list/report filters, reference qualifiers, or if specified as part of the URL.
Application The application where this script include resides.
Accessible from
Sets which applications can access this script include:
All application scopes
Can be accessed from any application scope.
This application scope only
Can be accessed only from the current application scope.

See Scripting in Scoped Applications for information on scoped scripts.

Active Enables the script include when selected. Uncheck the active field to disable the script include.
Description Provides descriptive content regarding the script include.
Script Defines the server side script to run when called from other scripts.

The script must define a single JavaScript class or a global function. The class or function name must match the Name field.

Package The package that contains this script include.
Created by The user who created this script include.
Updated by The user who most recently updated this script include.
Protection policy
Sets the level of protection for the script include:
Allows anyone to read and edit this downloaded or installed script include.
Allows anyone to read values from this downloaded or installed script include. No one can change script values on the instance on which they download or install the script include.
Provides intellectual property protection for application developers. Customers who download the script include cannot see the contents of the script field. The script is encrypted in memory to prevent unauthorized users from seeing it in plain text.
Related lists on the form view:
Versions Shows all versions of the script include. Use this list to compare versions or to revert to a previous version.